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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Prior Facebook Page Posts

This is a summary of prior posts to the Arocho Law Office Facebook Page:

Affinity Lab in DC offers a venue for new businesses and nonprofits to establish themselves and grow.

9 ways small nonprofits and businesses can get more results from Twitter!

Dress Code Policies: Regardless of industry, almost all businesses with employees have some form of a dress code policy. When creating a dress code policy for your business, apply your policy equally to all employees. Unfair dress code policies are considered discriminatory and may be grounds for a lawsuit.

To help you plan and manage your small business and self-employed tax obligations throughout the year, the IRS provides a tax calendar online:,,id=176080,00.html

Some small businesses view access to credit as a major problem in 2010:

Use a small business kitchen incubator to help you start your food related business:

Here are some thoughts on choosing the right name for your new business:

Small Business Grants 101: An Overview of Grants Available from the Federal Government -

Dealing With What Your Business Planning Didn't Expect:

New Business Entities Guides at that provide in-depth information about how sole proprietorship, partnerships, corporations, S Corporations, LLCs, non profits, and cooperatives are formed and taxed, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Small Business Survival: Last Chance Lifelines for Keeping your Business Afloat:

How to Legally Protect Your Business Name on a Local, State, National, and International Level:

Becoming a Reseller – A “Getting Started” 101 for Small Business Owners:

Getting Started with E-Commerce – An Entrepreneur’s Checklist:

Finding Government Business: Once You’ve Done the Basics, Here’s What’s Next:

What to Do When a Customer Won't Pay?:

Here is a useful link to the U.S. Copyright Office:

Eight Big Ideas for Small Business:,28804,1971190_1971191_1971194,00.html

Business Resource: Washington, DC Minority Business Development Center:

This article may be of interest to small business seeking capital:

How to Prepare Your Business for Succession:

The 10 Ingredients Of A Great Business Plan:

Protecting Companies That Mix Profitability & Values:

What health care reform means for your business:

Youngest Billionaires and how they got so wealthy:

How To Pick A Company Name: Tips From The Trenches.

Five Tips for Building your Small Business Brand Using its Best Advocate – You! - mentions locally owned CakeLove. Owned by Metro D.C. Small Business Person of the Year 2006, Warren Brown:

A new Women’s Business Center funded by the Small Business Administration and backed by the D.C. Council opened yesterday:

Article on Capital Campaign fundraising for nonprofits & churches: Your Capital Campaign: Are You Ready to Succeed?

A fictitious name (or assumed name, trade name, or DBA name, short for "doing business as") is a business name that is different than your personal name, the names of your partners or the officially registered name of your LLC or corporation. For registering a fictitious name in DC visit:,A,1343,Q,643499.asp.

Nonprofits are acquiring for-profit corporations:

5 Reasons Why Start-up Businesses Fail:

The Internal Revenue Service today issued new guidance to make it easier for small businesses to determine whether they are eligible for the new health care tax credit under the Affordable Care Act and how large a credit they will receive: A step by step guide is available at

Make Sure Your Business Information Stays Secret with Non-Disclosure Agreement:

Are you considering moving out of your home office and into a retail location? Then read this:

Here is a great idea for your business: Group purchasing allows small businesses to pool resources and bargaining power to purchase goods and services - including office supplies, healthcare and insurance, and IT services - at reduced rates. Find out your business can benefit from group purchasing arrangements:

Starting a Child Care Business? – Government Tools and Resources that Can Help:

7 Tips for Starting a Fast Food Business – It’s not Just Fries, Subs and Pizza Anymore!:

Surety Bonds – The Basics:

Build Your Business Through Networking:

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals has just released its 21st Annual "State of Logistics Report®" that provides benchmarks and key metrics in US logistics and gives a big-picture view of the performance of the US supply chain process.

Maintaining Business as Usual in a Disaster: New Web Site Helps Businesses Plan for the Unexpected:

Making Estimated Tax Payments – A 101 for the Small Business Owner:

Misclassifying Workers as Independent Contractors Can Be Costly.

10 Facebook Tips for Small Business at .

Recently Maryland became the first state to recognize a new corporate form called a benefit corporation. This law allows corporations to pursue socially responsible purposes in addition to profits. This Act will take effect in Maryland on October 1, 2010. B Lab, a nonprofit organization in Pennsylviania that runs a certification program for socially responsible businesses, assisted in drafting the Maryland law. .

Business FYI: Need the Facts? Info on five sources of free economic and market data from Uncle Sam at